Business Formation and Financing

Our team works with budding entrepreneurs to provide step-by-step guidance in the process of creating and launching a successful new business.  

We help to ensure compliance with with federal, state and local regulations, proper documentation, and business strategy to help your business thrive.

Working with our clients to identify the best choice of entity from the start minimizes expense and potential legal consequences resulting from changing business types as the company matures.  Whether an existing business or a new venture, our team advises on the positioning of your organization.  During the planning and implementation process, we strive to provide the most economic and effective entity options for conducting your business.

Should your new entity need to raise capital, borrow money or employ key personnel, we are able to structure offerings, review loan structures, and construct and prepare appropriate employment agreements.  Our team also conducts appropriate intellectual property searches and prepares the required forms needed to protect your proprietary assets.

  • Entity Selection
  • Incorporation
  • State Security Filings
  • Co-founder Agreements
  • Joint Venture
  • Purchase & Sale Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Convertible Debt Instruments
  • Promissory Notes and Guarantees
  • Commercial Restructures and Workouts
  • Diligence for Business Investments and Opportunities
  • Investment Agreements
  • Financial & Business Planning Support
  • Consulting on financing during all stages of business life cycle
  • Consulting on different sources of financing
  • Finance and Commercial Lending