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Seek Debt Repayment Through Effective Legal Channels

Debt collection efforts are subject to a complex regulatory landscape. Creditors, from large enterprises to sole individuals, must tread with caution. However, these regulations also afford rights that you can use to protect your bottom line.

Our attorneys at Dunn Law, P.A., represent creditors throughout Florida in bankruptcy proceedings and other scenarios. We have experience with developing strategies that help recover value from secured and unsecured debts. We frequently build long-standing relationships with our clients, helping them protect their interests across their business portfolios.

We Skillfully Protect Creditors’ Rights

Our team assists creditors with legal protection and debt collection, including through:

  • Direct communication with debtors
  • Facilitation of account transfers or workouts
  • Secured transactions and liens, which can provide an opportunity to recover property and maintain priority status in a bankruptcy proceeding
  • Garnishment of wages or benefits, which may require a court judgment depending on the type of credit
  • Lawsuits when other collection methods are unsuccessful
  • Involuntary bankruptcy, which may allow liquidation of property to satisfy debts

From initial documentation of a transaction through all subsequent collection actions, creditor activities call for comprehensive legal insight. If a consumer fails to uphold your agreement, our attorneys know how to take the next steps. Our team offers personalized service to ensure that you fully understand your specific rights and duties as a creditor.

Avoid Costly Errors – Call Today

When the wrong action could risk liability or cause value loss, seek experienced legal counsel. At Dunn Law, P.A., you can expect to work directly with a reputable lawyer. Call 786-785-2203 or email our team in Miami for a consultation.

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