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The commercial lease: a focal point for many Florida businesses

A proven and full-service Florida business law firm works diligently on behalf of diverse clients across a virtual universe of commercial considerations.

Like startup challenges and opportunities, for example. And providing essential legal hep in matters ranging from formation and financing to growth and other company matters.

One core focus for both entrepreneurs and established business principals is real estate, namely, the securing of property to be used as enterprise headquarters and an operational base.

One obvious option in that regard is company management’s outright purchase of property. That is advantageous in many respects, but it also spawns high costs that many business owners find unpalatable.

Why many business owners find commercial leases attractive

Property leasing routinely proves to be a preferred realty option for legions of Florida businesses, for reasons that include these:

  • Renting typically dents a company’s balance sheet less than a property purchase does
  • Lease particulars (negotiations, drafting and so forth) are often complex, but less so than what is required pursuant to buying commercial real estate

Indeed, it is almost a standard business paradigm that many hopeful and/or growing businesses expand their enterprises in early years in leased properties and at some point thereafter close on a commercial purchase. Some businesses prefer to always operate pursuant to a commercial lease.

Some key points to note concerning a commercial lease

A national legal publication discussing commercial leases largely defines them in terms of what they aren’t.

And that is this: nothing remotely close to a residential lease.

In fact, the former type of lease differs in many material respects from its residential counterpart, in ways that include these:

  • Fewer legal safeguards automatically built in to document provisions (legislators “assume that business people are more knowledgeable”)
  • Highly varied and negotiable terms
  • Wiggle room on lease length (e.g., long-term versus shorter duration with renewal option)
  • Room for discussion on rental outcomes and security deposits

The above-cited source notes the immediate value provided to a lease-focused business client by a proven real estate legal team across an impressive span of potential concerns. Experienced business attorneys can offer input on and help promote a client’s best interests in matters ranging from property improvements, signage and use (a broad usage grant is optimal) to exclusivity, property assignment/subletting and more.

Commercial leases can logically invite questions and concerns, with negotiation and execution in any given case offering up both challenges and opportunities. A seasoned and results-oriented real estate legal team can provide further information and diligent transactional representation.

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