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What do I need to do before I start hiring employees?

Business for many small business owners is booming right now, and many be thinking about expanding and hiring workers. But what do you need to do before hiring employees? How can you make sure you do it right the first time? Four things to prepare yourself for before taking that big step include:

#1: Business owners need to pay more than just wages.

Wages are just one part of the equation. Business owners will also need to pay certain federal and state tax obligations, such as Medicare and Social Security. State law may also require the employer to pay into a workers’ compensation fund. Get an idea of these numbers and do some calculations to make sure it makes sense to move forward with hiring workers.

#2: Clear expectations are important.

It starts with the job description. Have a clear plan for what you expect the worker to get done and include these expectations within the job description. Have regular meetings to touch base on how the employee is doing and re-visit these expectations as needed.

Human Resources professionals recently interviewed for a piece by AP News encouraged business owners to put together an employee handbook before hiring workers. This manual can help to better ensure new employees and employers start off on the same page and reduce the risk of conflict in the future.

#3: Get paperwork in order.

It is important to put together an employment contract that meets your needs and helps protect your business interests.

#4: Prepare for change.

Although a good employee will follow the manual, they will still do things differently. Their own style is not a bad thing, especially if it still gets the job done within the confines you have set. Be prepared to let go a little bit; it is often part of the growth process.

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