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Common homeowners association problems leading to litigation

Owning a home is a primary element of the American dream. The comfort and pride that are part of occupying a dream house remain unsurpassed.

Many nests are under the regulation of a homeowners association. HOAs impose all manner of restrictions on residents. When unfavorable rulings and operational misbehavior ruffle feathers, bare-knuckle litigation can result.

Architectural denials

Home dwellers often have big renovation plans. The installation of a fence to block predators is more than cosmetic. Adding a patio or hot tub may vastly improve quality of life. Projects like these typically need approval from an HOA. Denials originating from personality conflicts are enough to justify suing.

Funding misuse

Those living under HOAs must pay the expenses of board members. As with any financial arrangement, there is the possibility of fiscal impropriety. An executive could apply funds toward unapproved matters, such as luxurious business dinners. Someone might buy expensive company vehicles. Utilizing funds in selfish ways does not enrich those within the community.

Pet issues

Domesticated animals are no less than family members. Unfortunately, an HOA could place arbitrary limits on the number of pets. The organization could have concerns about noise or smell that lack merit. Nonetheless, the welfare of the creature deserves consideration. There may not be a better location for an older cat or dog to live. The threat of legal action may be necessary to elicit an exception.

There are myriad scenarios under which homeowners decide to sue their HOAs. Taking these matters to court presents a worthwhile alternative to accepting these situations.

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