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We Provide Answers In Partnership And Shareholder Disputes

Individuals in a business relationship are not always on the same page. When a conflict crosses the line from a minor difference of opinion to a major dispute, it is important to preserve your interests with legal support.

Dunn Law, P.A., offers experienced counsel for both amicable and contentious business disputes. We represent partners, owners and stakeholders throughout Florida. To discuss your options for dispute resolution, contact our team today.

Address Internal Division Head-On

Some of the most common issues that lead to internal business disputes include:

  • Abandonment of responsibilities
  • Intellectual property rights violations
  • Breach of partnership or shareholder agreement
  • Conflicts between majority and minority shareholders
  • Unfair compensation
  • Fraud and misappropriation of corporate funds
  • Differences in vision for the company’s direction

In addition, the existence of fiduciary duty can add another layer to a business dispute. Fiduciaries have a legal responsibility to act in a manner that prioritizes the interests of their beneficiaries in good faith. Executives and shareholders alike could encounter a breach of fiduciary duty claim.

Our attorneys help clients examine the details of their case, including whether a fiduciary duty exists. We can formulate a strategy around your objectives, which may include litigation. Our team has the experience to pursue the best possible option effectively.

Assess Your Options For Moving Forward

Our attorneys help parties reach agreements for corporate divorce as necessary, which may include:

  • Amending a partnership to adjust the weight of authority and ownership
  • Outright buyout of the partner’s or shareholder’s equity interests
  • Developing a payment plan for a buyout, which might involve partial liquidation
  • Business dissolution and equitable division of liquidated property

As experienced negotiators and litigators, we focus on finding a solution that maximizes opportunity for our clients while avoiding economic waste. Our team can assist you with business valuation to ensure a fair outcome. We carefully review original agreements to identify buy-sell provisions and facilitate the next steps.

Consult With A Corporate Law Attorney

When a dispute reaches a certain level of complexity or significance, professional guidance can protect you and your business. Call 786-785-2203 or email our Miami office for a consultation. Dunn Law, P.A., has a strong reputation for delivering results to our business clients.

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