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Creditor Attorney Information

All corporate creditors must be represented by an attorney at the 341 meetings. Individual creditors may appear either through an attorney or may appear pro se. The trustee is not permitted to provide legal advice, however, the trustee cautions all creditors to observe applicable deadlines in each case. Note that in a Chapter 7 asset case, creditors are required to file a Proof of Claim in order to share in any potential distribution to creditors.

Requests For Information

Any requests for information regarding the status of a case should be sent by email to the trustee. Your request for information should include information about who you represent, what specific information you are requesting and all contact information for you.

Providing Information To The Trustee

It is the trustee’s responsibility to attempt to locate assets in order to make a distribution to unsecured creditors. Creditors frequently provide information to the trustee to assist her in the discovery of such assets, which may not have been disclosed by the debtor. If you have any information that may assist the trustee, please forward such information to the trustee by email to [email protected].

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