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Assertive Trial Advocacy For Insurers And Property Owners

Damage to real estate property can disrupt daily life. For business owners, it may threaten to derail operations. Even if a property owner carries an insurance policy to help recover these losses, however, the insurance company might dispute the claim.

Our trial lawyers at Dunn Law, P.A., offer dual perspectives for property insurance litigation. We work with policyholders and insurance companies alike, analyzing the specific terms of the policy and the details of the claim. Our firm has the knowledge and skill to effectively represent you in Florida courts.

Fair Compensation Is A Complicated Subject

There are several factors that can impact insurance settlements and judgments, including:

  • Terms of coverage in the insurance policy
  • The source of property damage
  • The extent of damage, including structural risks and physical injuries
  • Liability for damage that does not occur due to natural events
  • Other types of losses and compensation options, such as business interruption insurance
  • Fraudulent or bad faith insurance claims

Our attorneys seek expedient and fair resolutions to residential and commercial property insurance disputes. Many cases focus on how much the claim is truly worth. As real estate litigators, we know how to examine architectural, financial and contractual details within these insurance cases. When cases go to trial, we present our clients’ positions with thorough strategies in the courtroom.

We Remain Loyal To Our Clients’ Interests

Fires, hurricanes, water damage, theft and other problems can seriously damage property. Owners can gain vital benefits through a claim. However, insurance claims and litigation are often difficult to navigate.

Dunn Law, P.A., can advise you according to your needs whether you are pursuing or disputing a claim. Call 786-785-2203 or send an email to our Miami attorneys for prompt guidance.

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