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Strong Trial Representation For Real Estate Disputes

Real estate is a significant – yet highly complex – investment. If you are an owner, manager or buyer of real estate, it is advisable to stay ready for unexpected problems. Some of these problems might be serious enough to warrant a lawsuit or another legal remedy.

Our trusted trial attorneys at Dunn Law, P.A., represent clients in a variety of Florida real estate cases. We will work to protect the full value of your property, and we can hold parties accountable for wrongdoing when necessary.

Litigation Can Give You Clear Protection For Your Property

There are numerous real estate issues that may call for litigation, such as:

  • Neighbor disputes, such as those involving property lines and easements
  • Fraud, failure to disclose defects and other complications of transactions
  • Title disputes
  • Zoning and land use disputes
  • Construction defects
  • Eminent domain
  • Condemnation and foreclosure, which may require skilled legal defense
  • Claims against real estate agents, brokers and other professionals

Litigation allows you to obtain a formal judgment to a dispute. Depending on the case, possible benefits could include compensation, preservation of your property or the ability to use your property for a specific purpose. However, case preparation is vital to achieve results that are fair to you.

We take ample time to thoroughly investigate each case. Our lawyers review contracts, laws and local ordinances, expense reports, communications and more. Litigation is a significant part of our practice, and we create sophisticated trial strategies to support our clients’ property and related goals.

We Are Ready To Review Your Case

Real estate can present complicated legal issues. We provide one-on-one service so that every client knows where their case stands. To discuss your real estate dispute, call 786-785-2203 or email our firm in Miami. Dunn Law, P.A., serves clients throughout Florida.

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